a little bit about me.


Hi there, I'm Hannah and I'm a 20-something-year-old from Dallas, Texas, living in Cape Town, South Africa.  I'm a freelance digital marketer and designer, a musician, an adventurer, an artist, a bit of a cat lady, and a few other things.

I adopted the "nomad" life [if you want to call it that] when I followed my best friend to Germany in 2016. I was only planning a visit but ended up packing all my belongings and deciding (to myself) that I wasn't coming back. Together with my best friend I explored Europe and lived off of my savings for 3 months. When my Schengen visa was finished, I still wasn't, and from Europe, I left to Cape Town, South Africa. I stayed for 3-months and decided I didn't want to leave. Not sure what to do there, I decided to pursue my postgrad degree in  Marketing. I needed more money at this point, so I sold my car back in the states, and got a remote job as a part-time SEO content writer and graphic designer.

I soon realized that not only was freelancing as a digital marketer and designer my job, but it was my passion. I started HMJ Digital Design and began freelancing full-time. I made a decision against the corporate-office life and decided adventuring was going to be my thing. I've never done things "by the book," and I think that is A-okay. This decision was the best I've ever made, and I have to say that I truly found my happiness. Although I may not live the freelance life forever, for now, things are pretty great. 

Along the way, I have learned a lot. & I have a lot to share. So, if you are interested, head over to my blog and check it out. For any work inquiries, send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!